CE Mark

What is CE Mark?

The Conformitè Europëenne (CE) Mark is a conformity mark that is mandatory for all goods that are sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). This is a regulatory requirement by the European Union (EU) and was introduced in 1985. CE marking acts as the manufacturer’s declaration about the product’s compliance with Eu’s New Approach directives. These directives are applicable to not just products within EEA, but also to those that are manufactured outside, but are to be sold in the EEA. Thus, CE marking is popular worldwide among all those organizations that seek the market of EEA.

What is the aim of CE Mark?

CE mark is affixed to the products that are sold in European Market. It aims at-
CE mark is also a proof of availability of technical documents by the manufacturers, importers or retailers, as and when required.

Why is the CE Mark important?

When your product has CE mark affixed, it acts as a proof of your compliance to all the relevant EU requirements. It must be noted that those products that do not have CE marking, are not allowed for circulation in the European markets, according to EU requirements. In addition to that, certain actions are taken to prohibit their sale in the territories. As for example, there was a recent incident where Chinese toys were prohibited for sale in UK, as it contained high levels of toxins that could endanger lives of children.

It is very important for the manufacturers and importers to undertake measures for compliance to the safety provisions, document every action, and design their processes in accordance with the provisions of the directives. Certain directives have extensive safety objectives, but they give flexibility to the manufacturers for processes that can be implemented for achieving those objectives.

In the case of more than one CE mark directives that can be applied for the product, the manufacturer can choose among them as per their organization’s requirements. This marking indicates the conformity with only those directives that has been applied by the manufacturer. In the case where manufacturer does not mention the particular directives that has been applied by them, it is assumed that the CE marking is the declaration of conformity for all applicable directives.

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