Industries where we cater our services :

We at KCS Certifications are well established to provide our services at various industries. We have auditors and technical experts on our panel who can perform the audit and the best results out of the audit can be obtained.

we cater ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 37001, ISO 50001 and various other international standards in the below industries.

Transport & Logistics

The economy is on a move when the country is on a move! Thus, the transport and logistics industry is one of…

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Hotel & Leisure Service

Dubai is one of the topmost attractions of tourists from all over the world. From its beautiful landscape to its iconic…

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Electrical and Electronic

The advent of modern era is marked with the advancement in electrical and electronics industries. Life has become much simple…

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Oil & Gas

As a member of OPEC, UAE is a key player for the production and export of oil and gas in the world. Dubai, in particular has…

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Dubai is one of the best cities of the world when it comes to offering a quality lifestyle. The standard of living in any country….

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Dubai is one of the major tourist attractions in the world. From its beautiful landscape to its amazing cuisine, Dubai has a lot…

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Medical Devices

The healthcare services in any nation are dependent upon the efficiency to provide treatment in a timely manner. Apart from…

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Chemical Industry

Chemical industries are notorious for the ill-effect of their processes on the health of their workforce, the people living…

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Automotive industries involve all those organizations that are involved in the manufacturing of automobiles….

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