Chemical Industries

Chemical industries are notorious for the ill-effect of their processes on the health of their workforce, the people living in the vicinity as well as the surrounding environment. It is believed to be one of the major sources of air, water, and land pollution. Every country has stringent, or borderline harsh legislations to ensure that the activities of the chemical industries do not cause major damage. Thus, it becomes very important for the organizations of this industry to go for internationally recognized and acceptable certifications to prove their commitment for quality and safety of the masses and the environment.

Dubai has a fair share of organizations in chemical industry. In order to thrive in the competition, gain customer’s confidence, and comply with the related legislations, it becomes very important for these organizations in Dubai to go for ISO certifications. The most relevant ISO certifications for chemical industry include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, and ISO 45001. Let us understand in brief about each certification.

This standard helps in establishment and maintenance of quality management systems (QMS) in your organization so that the quality of your products as well as processes are top-notch.
This standard helps in the implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in your organization that keeps an eye on your interaction with the environment and makes sure that the damage is minimalized.
This is the standard for implementing Information Safety Management Systems (ISMS) in your organization that would protect the data stored within your premises from any breach or loss.

This standard is probably the most important one for you, as it ensures the safety and wellbeing of your workforce, contractors as well as the nearby population. It helps in the implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) in your organization.

It must be noted that the International Organization for Standardization does not certify, it just publishes the ISO standards. An external body performs the certification. Kingsmen Certification (KCS) is one such body which has a reputation for being one of the best in the world. Our vast pool of auditors is recognized for their expertise in comprehensively auditing the compliance of your management systems against the required standards and awarding you with the certifications at the end. The smoothness in the process, our integrity, and our commitment to deadlines make us stand apart from other certification bodies.

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