Electrical & Electronics Industries

The advent of modern era is marked with the advancement in electrical and electronics industries. Life has become much simpler with machines taking over our daily hardships. From daily household electrical appliances to complex computational devices, the electrical and electronic industries leave their imprint in almost all the sectors. It can be easily said that the electrical and electronics industries are one of the most dynamic industries, where the customer’s expectations change rapidly. The dynamicity of this industry is also due to the rapid advancement in science and technologies as well as the increasing appetite of masses for a comfortable lifestyle.

With one of the best cities for people’s advanced lifestyle, Dubai has been a sough after destination for many electrical and electronics industries. This cut-throat competition for survival and relevance requires a statement of proof for the commitment towards standardized products. In this regard, ISO certifications for electrical and electronics industries in Dubai becomes extremely helpful. An organization belonging to this industry can go for various certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, and ISO 10002 certifications. Let us briefly understand about these standards.

This standard lays down the specifications for implementation of quality management systems (QMS) in your organization. it ensures that the quality of your products and processes meet international standard.

With this standard, you can establish Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in your organization that helps in limiting the adverse impact of your business activities on environment.

This standard helps in implementing information safety management system (ISMS) in your organization, so that you are well-equipped to protect all the information within your premises from any breach or loss.
With the implementation of this standard, you can establish an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) in your organization that ensures the wellbeing of your workforce against any injury or ill-health as a result of occupational activities.

ISO 10002 Standard

This standard helps in implementation of compliant management systems (CMS) in your organization that leads to an effective compliance-handling process for all kinds of commercial and non-commercial activities of the organization. thus, it acts as a useful tool in complaint-redressal.

It must be noted that the International Organization for Standardization does not certify, it just publishes the ISO standards. An external body performs the certification. Kingsmen Certification (KCS) is one such body which has a reputation for being one of the best in the world. Our vast pool of auditors is recognized for their expertise in comprehensively auditing the compliance of your management systems against the required standards and awarding you with the certifications at the end. The smoothness in the process, our integrity, and our commitment to deadlines make us stand apart from other certification bodies.

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