You are about to be put out to tender, or you want to win a contract with a new customer or government body, and you are not chosen because you do not have an ISO certification. It’s time to look into this, because missing out…
on a contract for that reason is really not the intention and completely unnecessary.

More and more ISO certified companies

Almost 1.8 million companies worldwide now have an ISO certificate. More and more companies only want to do business with other ISO certified companies, or they ask for an ISO certification for further cooperation. Non-certified companies increasingly notice that they are excluded from tenders, for example. For contracts with health insurance companies and municipalities, it more often is a demand to be able to present an ISO certification.

Different ISO certifications

ISO certification also contributes to a positive image for your company. An ISO 9001 certification demonstrates that you have a good grip on the quality of your products or services, an ISO 14001 certification shows that your organization considers environmental management of paramount importance, and an ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that your organization complies with the highest requirements for information security.

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